Shield Level Selector

Each Shield Option is a combination of level of protection, index and term. You have the flexibility to allocate your purchase payment among one or more Shield Options, plus the Fixed Account1, if available.

*Your allocation amounts must total 100%.

Add Another Shield Option +

All options come with the Standard Death Benefit by default. You may elect for Return of Premium Death Benefit below.

With the optional Return of Premium Death Benefit2, available at contract issue, your beneficiaries will receive at least what you put into the contract if you pass away before starting lifetime income payments. This death benefit pays the greater of your purchase payments, reduced proportionately for withdrawals, or your account value, which is a value we calculate when an account hasn't fully reached its term or a withdrawal is made. If you choose the optional Return of Premium Death Benefit, you will receive a lower Maximum Growth Opportunity or lower Step Rate for the life of the contract. Without the Return of Premium Death Benefit, your beneficiary(ies) will receive your account value.

You can allocate assets among the different options listed below. Choose one or more than one. Your total allocations must add up to 100%.